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  • My favorite corner - what's yours?

    My comfort zone in the literal sense of the word, is my little corner beside my bed. It has all the things I love right there - my favorite books (or rather the current one being read), a table clock, a lamp to keep the room cozy and warm and a family pic. Not to forget my little stool to sit on. And why is it my favorite? Well, like I said it has my favorite things, it's where I escape to when I want some solitude and its where I chat with my little girl early morning as I wake her up for school. I have my tea there as she nibbles on her daily dose of 2 Oreo biscuits, half asleep half awake talking nonsense :)

    So do tell me about your favorite corner and why you love it so much. And a couple of pictures will be just great for all of us to relate to your special corner too. 

    Look forward to some interesting reading

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    • vaidehi says...


      nice idea!!

      this looks warm and comfy. just the right place to be in solitude.
      my favorite place,my corner in my house is in the balcony overseeing the hills with lots of fresh air and chirpy birds around.

      need to have one as nicely done and lit as yours.
      make the house more homely and loving to dissipate the stress levels we have these days!!

      nice idea!!

      On April 28, 2016

    • vikas says...

      Nice read!

      Your corner looks warm & cozy!

      My couch over the balcony is my favourite corner and my comfort zone :)
      Reading the newspaper with my morning cuppa while looking out at the sky and watching mumbai come alive is my way of slowly getting started everyday.
      And a nice drink and watching some tv sitting in my favourite couch is my way of unwinding after a tiring day :)
      So what makes a cozy corner ? – a nice couch, small table, beautiful lamp, a complementing painting and good vibes!

      On April 27, 2016

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