Saree Stories

Our sarees are not just drape fabrics, but media to tell your and our story through age old art forms glorifying the Indian culture. These are wearable pieces of art and on the best of fabrics so that you can pass them on to your little girls to treasure for the future. What's even better is that as you buy these for yourself, you also 'do good' and help our artists working and living in their native villages eke out a decent living for themselves and their families.  

Here are some stories that our sarees depict and the art form used for the same

Mathura Gaman in Patachitra 


This saree depicts the Mathura gaman of lord Krishna on the invitation of his uncle, the evil Kansa. It was prophesied that Devaki’s 8th child would kill Kansa. The gopis spread themselves on the road to stop the lord from proceeding as they know the danger to Krishna in Mathura. Patachitra is the folk art of Odisha and originated in the 12th century in Punri, Odisha. It depicts various themes based on the life of Lord Jagannath. 

Handpainted Shringar Raas - Rajasthani/ Ragmala


This beautiful saree depicts a woman as she prepares herself in eager anticipation of meeting her beloved, a very human situation, but in this case also a metaphor for the worshipper preparing to meet with god. These paintings were inspired from ‘The Kavipriya’ (Poems of the Beloved), written in the late sixteenth century by poet Keshava Dasa. This Ragmala series originated in the 17th and 19th centuries in Rajasthan and is practiced to date even in other art forms like Patachitra. This saree has been painted on with Patachitra folk art.  

Handpainted Radha Krishna in moonlight - Patachitra

This saree is from the "BARAMAS " series depicting Radha Krishna through various Indian seasons. Depicted here is springtime on the banks of Yamuna

Another Baramas Saree depicting the 4 seasons in India in below, in the patachitra art form



Handpainted Gond - The Earth

A beautiful gond saree depicting the oceans and marine life, the forests and the birds above. 


Handpainted Madhubani Forest Saree

This saree depicts the essence of Madhubani art, showcasing the close relationship we have with forests.