Our Artisans

For artisans who create these beautiful handicrafts, creation is not just a means of self expression but an essential activity for survival. Most of them who reside in rural India, are solely dependent on their craft for their day to day living expenses since they do not possess any other skill. Further, women who have traditionally been neglected & uneducated are left with little other means for survival and financial independence.

It is our endeavour to support Artisans technically & financially and thus we only source directly from artisans or from NGO/SHGs that work with Artisans for skill development and capacity building support. We do not source from any other middlemen or traders as a policy.

In most states in India, handicraft clusters (group of artisans) are formed geographically since crafts are localized and traditionally have been passed down generations within families and communities living together.

Our NGO/SHG partners actively work in these local rural areas with artisans & undertake training for skill building & aid them in marketing in order to provide sustainable employment. The GOI through various schemes also facilitates such training through Govt grants & funds for artisans.

Here I am with my Dhokra artisans in Dhenkanal working out a corporate order. 

Geeta, our patachitra artist supports her family with the income from our orders

This weaver Biranti, weaves with other family members and also helps market handloom woven by other weavers of his village

These young women work with an NGO that we work with for our grass products. They utilise their free time, make these beautiful products and aid their family incomes

The clusters & artisans that we are associated with for procurement of handicrafts are –

  • Clusters in Deogarh & Dhenkanal Districts where Dhokra metal work is undertaken

  • Clusters in Balipatna & Balianta in Khorda district for Applique' products

  • Clusters in Puri district for Patachitra & Talachitra paintings, Grass work as well as Paper Mache products

  • Artisans in Cuttack district for Filigree products