About Us

There can be no better business than working with colours, designs, art, creativity & people and we bring you the labours of our discoveries & creations as handcrafted products from different corners of India (that we hope you will love as much as we do!)
We started in 2013 and are a small team of creative enthusiasts keen on promoting lesser known crafts & helping artisans. 
Our motto is 'sustenance of the Art form & Artisan'
MISSION:To create a socially responsible organisation by creating & vending innovative products & contemporary designs based on traditional arts & crafts thus ensuring their development & sustenance.
Why Us ?
We source - directly from Artisans or from Self help groups/NGOs with the objective of providing sustainable livelihoods to numerous artisans 
We advocate - Fair trade & ensure the artisans are given their due.
We use - eco-friendly raw materials and strive to make a safe & healthy planet.
In practice as well as spirit we believe, practice and advocate Fair trade, but we are yet to become members of WFTO as we are yet to complete 2 years of being in business.