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  • A few of my favourite things!

    Came across the song “Raindrops on Roses & whiskers on kittens’ from The Sound Of Music a few days back while attempting to play some songs for my kids on Saavn.
    And then they asked, "Mama – what are your favourite things?" I paused for a very long time, enough for them to feel that I hadn't heard them. I had to beg for time and get back to them post consciously thinking about it.
    It's funny how as adults we lose touch with ourselves in the daily rigmarole of life. The Kids had their answers ready. 
    My daughter said she loves the orange cycle handed down by her brother, chocolates & then one of her stuffed toys. 
    My son the constant thinker, also surprisingly came out with his answers - Books (that pleased me very much :)), Trains and his Tablet.
     So here’s the same question to you. What are your favourite things? Have you thought about them? Have you experienced them in a while? And I mean inanimate objects so no favourite persons please. Of course, there are many of us who love shopping especially the women, who would know exactly what they like and want! ;)
    Here’s my list –
    • My constant companions my books
    • Sufi Music
    • Dark chocolate
    • Old Photographs
    • Flowers
    • Paintings & Art
    Yours could be – perfumes, diamonds, dolls, cupcakes, cheese, jam biscuits, shoes, bags, scented creams. An easier way to come up with your list could be to think of your collections – shoes? Stamps? Coins? Gift wrapping paper ;)
    Think think and do post your comments. I'll be waiting for you. 
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