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  • A side take on Advaita Products - As ice breakers that make great conversation topics!

    Hi, I'm Vikas Dimri and I'm excited about being a guest blogger here today for Advaita Handicrafts.

    Advaita Handicrafts is owned by Leena, who's a good friend of mine but allow me to clarify that it was I who suggested a small blog post for Advaita on my own. I did so, because I'm genuinely in love with the products of Advaita, it's business philosophy and I myself own quite a few of their products. Of course, Leena was delighted.

     Well, I have a couple of Advaita Handicraft products at home and I must say, they almost always serve as ice breakers or generally great conversation topics for my friends and guests.

    One is this beautiful patachitra painting of the 10 avtaars of Vishnu and it's a piece I instantly fell in love with. It is intricate and done in monochrome – orange and white on a stark black background.

    As obvious, people start with identifying the 10 avtaars of Vishnu and then move onto minute details – side stories on the life of Krishna etc etc. Take a look at the attached pic & you’ll understand why there’s plenty to observe & talk about in the painting.

    The other is this lovely lamp for my bedside table. Its hand crafted and hand painted with the shade in white with beautiful blue booties. I’ve placed it in my bedroom though a lot of people say it so lovely that it should go on display in the living room. But for the same reason it is in my bedroom – I spend a good amount of my time there and love the calming effect it has on me.

    These aren't all. Advaita products are great for gifting & I've gifted quite a few pieces to my close friends but more on those next time. :)

    For now, do try and spend some time browsing their wonderful collection on


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