Arty-Facts about Indian Handicrafts

  • CHOOSE YOUR ETHIC - Our clothes tell our stories

    Our Clothes tell our stories.

    They speak to outsiders and observers in different ways about our likes, profession, our hobbies and even our values.

    These stories may not be very obvious to people but at a subconscious level they communicate parts of our personality to the observer.

    When we talk of power dressing what we really mean is dressing to communicate a sense of authority, position and power.

    But that’s not what I really want to say here. Of course, you can and should use your clothes as a powerful tool to influence how people react to you but more importantly your clothes can shape your own impressions about yourself! Surprised? It’s true.

    Have you noticed, we start to believe a lot of things about ourselves as we say them to ourselves over time. That’s the power of mind for you.

    And the stories we tell ourselves are the most important stories of all. Stories of being comfortable with our skin, our body shape, our past, our present etc. Stories of being capable to take the plunge, of fighting the odds to succeed, stories of possibilities.

    We inculcate a first set of values from our parents and friends in our growing years. But thank goodness we are ever- evolving. This process of evolution of our thoughts as we move through life is important. This is real process of maturing, ageing and re-discovering ourselves.

    You can choose your ethic, and soon it’ll become YOU

    You can choose what you value, what you shall stand up for and what should define you.

    You can choose Black over white or even prefer the grey, you can choose to speak up,  you can choose to not belong – to any caste or religion or sect, you can choose to give more or as much as you take, and you can CHOOSE HANDMADE over machine made.

    Go for handmade.

    Hand dyed, hand woven – handloom fabrics that help a weaver run his household. Handloom also has a far far lesser carbon footprint compared to power-loom fabrics.

    A local tailor who can stitch together a livelihood thanks to your order

    Handmade jewerly that helps rural artisans sew together a living.

    Once you do, you'll see a transformation in yourself. You'll start to see the beauty of handmade and the love of it. Try it! 

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