Arty-Facts about Indian Handicrafts

  • Gifting and the fun of it!

    When we receive a gift, a lot of times it's with trepidation. There are thoughts on whether there's a motive behind the gift, of the pressure of having to return this favour/gift and at times even reactions like 'this isn't good enough for me!

    We totally take away the joy of receiving or gifting with such analysis.

    Isn't Diwali/Christmas the time when most of us go through the motions of gifting and over analysing? We all look forward to Diwali. We look forward to spending time with friends and family, praying & partying together and celebrating it with lights, cameras and a lot of action. In all this, there's also this small ritual of gifting that we indulge in; that at times causes some stress and dulls the atmosphere, until all is forgotten again till next year. Next year pre Diwali, the complaints arise again. "Oh her gift to me last year was so 'out of fashion', nothing compared to what I doled out for that Saree; and it didn't even fit me!" ,

    Would Diwali be better without the gifts? I don't know but I do know this that I feel good when I gift and when I receive a gift too. Gifts are usually personal during Diwali and it feels great to see and receive a gift that seems like its been picked out for me personally.

    So, keep up the gifting while keeping down the analysis. Sounds confusing? Life is :)

    On a serious note, be gracious about any gift that you receive. It may or may not be to your liking but it shows that the giver has spared a thought about you. Reciprocate with a smile, hug and love (if not with a gift that's been brought earlier). A lot of us feel ashamed accepting a gift if we haven't brought anything to return. But that's ok. The equations finally settle down such that either the person stops gifting (if expecting one in return) or you find another occasion to gift.

    Most importantly, accept gifts like Children do. They see positivity in everything. No emotion is coloured by negative thoughts nor is an action judged as motivated and questioned . It's beautiful to witness this purity of thought. When one brings another a toy or a sweet; they accept it readily and lovingly. Let's do more of that and make this ritual enjoyable.

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