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  • Jewelry that does the talking!

    Our mood is reflected in our jewelry - the amount and the kind. You stack on days you feel young, carefree, possibly a little defiant with the 'to hell with the world' attitude! Other days of quiet contemplation will possibly see you with just small tops and a chain and some other days when you feel like or want to feel like a queen. 

    Feel like a gypsy queen out to conquer the world with your rustic charm or dazzle onlookers with a kitschy (tacky) display of pastoral glamour? When you feel the need to do your best tribal avatar, our (Advaita Handicrafts’) jewellery is what you need. The boho tribal (not so fine) jewellery is the first choice of women who adore the feisty, ethnic, folksy ‘rarer than thou’ look. You may have already noticed women with an artistic or creative bent of mind wearing such jewellery often. Advaita handicrafts is known as a leading market platform providing this jewellery just the kinds your heart lusts after. 

    Our products include german silver oxidised jewellery, Dhokra tribal to brass tribal necklaces & chokers.

    Earlier, oxidized jewellery was associated with the Indian hippie, where only the tribal women would wear chunky oxidised jewellery while on their diasporic experiments. However, with time, people recognised the beauty of this type of jewellery and the way in which it enhanced the overall look of a woman and her outfit. Usually, a decorative oxidised metal piece is woven into a coloured thread or even attached to a metal chain. For earrings, oxidised jewellery in interesting motifs such as of animals, nature, fruits and exotic royal symbols are greatly trending right now. Fusion work by adding mirrors, gemstones and even fabric into the jewellery design along with oxidised metal is much seen on the shelves these days. We at advaita handicrafts store multiple thread jewellery, motifs earrings, dholki beads necklace, etc.

    To state this as un-stereotypically as we can, think of a high-profile literary critic, an independent artist and a budding hipster musician at a high browed literature or art festival, chances are all of them may be wearing oxidised jewellery. Women who appreciate the boho and hippie looks prefer oxidised jewellery too. Otherwise, in regional or festival circuits, oxidised jewellery is immensely popular during navratri and cultural festivals.

    Usually oxidised necklace and earring sets are paired with traditional outfits or sarees, but don’t confine oxidised ornaments to just these attires. You can mix and match different Indo-western or modern sartorial styles like a rainbow skirt with a cotton tank top and pair it with chunky oxidised necklaces, or wear a strapless gown with geometric or animal/floral themed oxidised choker and big bracelet cuffs of oxidised silver. Or else, just go with classic oxidised gemstone pendants or oxidised earrings paired with daily work wear. The options are many and the more you experiment with oxidised jewellery, the more creative you can get with your outfit pairings.

    Foreigners interested in Indian tribal hand-made jewellery make a beeline to Rajasthan, Gujarat, Odisha or Bengal for the best regionally-made fashion oxidised jewellery. You can find these ethnic jewellery on our Advaita handicrafts websites contributed by the very artisans of these regions. 

    Other than the aesthetics, oxidised jewellery looks glamorous while being relatively affordable and cost-effective.  From a bold choker to long rani haar, from a dainty chain to mid-length necklace, oxidized necklaces and earrings are meant for all moods and you can explore them on Advaita handicrafts.

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