Arty-Facts about Indian Handicrafts

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    A lot of pretty girls & women in Mumbai want this shiny bright metal to wear or as beautiful artifacts at home. Yes, I'm referring to the quaint dhokra brass metal artifacts & jewellery. But the Mumbai weather deters them. Some complain that they love brass metal but refrain from buying as it blackens in humid conditions. So thought I'd write a simple note to let all my dear brass metal dhokra jewellery customers & lovers to know how critical lime water is for them.

    Lemon as we know has huge health benefits. It aids in digestion. Luke warm lime water we're told helps slimming. Vitamin C in lemon helps fight colds and strengthens the immune system. So make sure you have your daily dose of lime water. However, you need to use lime water once in 6 months if in Mumbai or coastal areas and maybe a year if you live inland. You guessed it. 

    Here's why.The brass metal jewellery can easily be polished at home using lime water. 

    Just squeeze half a lemon and add a little water (no sugar please) and dip your brass jewellery in the solution for say 5 minutes. Remove and rub gently a couple of times with a clean cotton cloth & you're done! Your jewellery will come out shinning. 

    P.S: You can share this tip with friends and family for cleaning brass articles and jewellery. Yes, it's that simple. 

    Now go ahead and shop some more Advaita Handicrafts Jewellery :)

    Happy easy wearing!!



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