Arty-Facts about Indian Handicrafts / artisans

  • Krishna Connection anyone?

    A lots new with us! We love Krishna & hope you do too. Most of you who've been following, buying and supporting us, would already know how a lot of our paintings & products (such as hand painted dress materials) are featured on Lord Krishna. So, we introduce to you new designs of Palm leaf prints based on the many moods of Krishna. Have a look, you're sure to fall in love with HIM! Look closely at the pictures and you'll see that these are prints on palm leaves stuck/stitched together. The frames are made from golden grass (called 'kaincha' colloquially)...

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  • Fair Trade buying - How is it impacting Indian manufacturers/suppliers

    Most of us are busy in our lives with our jobs, families & other commitments, but it takes only a little bit of awareness (& zero trouble) to be able to make a small but significant difference to the lives of the needy. The small purchases you make, can go a long way in creating sustainable livelihoods for India's artisans. HOW? - Buy from sellers who work directly with Artisans & (SHGs) Self Help Groups or buy from firms that are Fair trade members.Fair trade awareness is still low in India and in some cases organisations that are aware are in the...

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