• Learning about art & life from our Artisans

    In our endeavour to support Artisans technically & financially we source directly from artisans or from NGO/SHGs that work with Artisans for skill development and capacity building support. For artisans who create these beautiful handicrafts, creation is not just a means of self expression but an essential activity for survival. Most of them who reside in rural India, are solely dependent on their craft for their day to day living expenses since they do not possess any other skill. Further, women who have traditionally been neglected & uneducated are left with little other means for survival and financial independence.

    • Our hand painted articles are designed & sourced from a sole lady artisan who supports her family on such income from us & other such firms. 
    • Our lampshades & paper mache' articles are sourced from a SHG which trains artisans in the fine art of patachitras as well as tribal art. 
    • We source our tassar stoles for a weaver who weaves himself & also helps procuring goods from fellow weavers for our orders. 
    They sit in the heat without fans, painting, weaving or working at the furnace (for Dhokra products) tirelessly. You don't hear them complain. Give them constructive feedback, new designs to work upon, point out processes that can be modified and  watch them strive towards it in the good faith that all improvements will help bring in more work. 
    The fact that they leave aside their everyday worries, come for meetings & take pains to grow in their chosen professions is commendable. They remind us that the things we take for granted (such as easy money & a good life) are to be cherished and if possible shared. 
    We salute them. 
    Here are some pictures of our artisans at work. We are proud to be associated with them.
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