• Patachitra Painting - Having curds from Manik the milkmaid

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  • Description

    Painted on Tussar silk/cotton mix canvas
    Sold without a frame
    Dimensions - 20 inches * 15 inches
    This beautiful & colourful painting depicts how Lord Krishna & Balaram, stopped by to have some curd & buttermilk from the milkmaid Manika on their way to Kanchi. 
    The king of Kanchi had agreed to give his daughter's hand in marriage to the King of Puri. He later renegaded on his promise. The king of Puri attacked Kanchi but was defeated. He then prayed to the Lord, who marched out to Kanchi along with Brother Balaram. 
    Make history a part of your living room.
     Patachitra style of painting - an ancient art form originating from Puri, Orissa, where paintings depict stories & the glory of Lord Jagannath (Krishna). 


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