• Monochromatic - Dashavataars of Krishna & his leela patachitra

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  • Description

    Hand made cotton canvas
    Size - 30/24 inches
    Sold without a frame
    This beautiful black and white patachitra with slight yellow to break the monotony, is a classic piece, with the 'Raasleela' in the centre, and Krishna and the Gopis alternating around the centre.
    The Daashavtaars come next on both sides with 5 on each side. This is then followed by the Krishna leela on both sides and all around the painting.  
    The outer circle depicts numerous stories of Krishna being carried away by Vasudev as a baby, He killing Pootna the demon, the lord dancing on Kaliya the serpent before killing it, the lifting of Govardhan Parbat etc.
    The dimension of this patachitra is 30/24 inches unframed and can be combined with 2 more paintings on the sides, for the central wall of your living room.

    This painting can be commissioned on request of the buyer and can be made to the specification of the buyer. 

    Lead time - 30-35 days for delivery from date of payment 

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